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Change Your Mindset

As part of the Share2Uplift movement our goal as Uplifting BV is, to enable mindset changes on Curaçao. One of the ways to achieve this is via the Master Your Mind (MYM) - platform book sessions. 

The sessions are at Chit Chat Café / Mensing's Caminada.

During these sessions we present self help books or personal leadership books at the forefront in these areas. 

The books we present are mostly bestsellers, some appearing on the 100 best books on personal development and by presenting these books we try to trigger you to read these book or go through some of the ample resources we share with for free. Reading is one of the most effective ways to retain new knowledge.

By consistently reading books, mindsets change. If you are someone that constantly works on your personal development watching the MYM-book session is definitely something for you. 

Presented books in 2020

  1. Permission to feel, Marc Brackett 
  2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
  3. A new Earth, by Eckart Tolle
  4. The power of Now, by Eckart Tolle 
  5. Weg met Mental Slavery, by Joan de Windt
  6. Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 
  7. Setting boundaries, by Nancy Levine 
  8. Soar, by T.D. Jakes in collaboration with the Global Enterprise Week, Fundashon Negoshi Pikiña, Soul Garden Curacao, Master Your Mind-Consultancy and Training, and Uplifting BV
  9. Inner bonding, by Margaret Paul 

Presented books in 2019

  1. Becoming Supernatural, by Dr.Joe Dispenza 
  2. A short history of everything, by Bill Bryson
  3. The gift of imperfection, by Brene Brown, 
  4. Nooit meer te druk, (“Busy”) by Tony Crabbe
  5. Rest, why you bet more done when you work less, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
  6. Against elections, by David Van Reybrouck 
  7. The 8th Habit, by Steven Covey
  8. Dare to Lead, by Brene Brown
  9. Change Your life, by Daniel Amen
  10. Atomic habit, by James Clear
  11. How democracies die, by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt 
  12. Rising Strong, by Brené Brown
  13. The power of the sub conscious mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  14. The better angels of our nature, by the author Steven Pinker.
  15. Braving the wilderness, by Brené Brown.
  16. The Seat of the Soul, by bestselling Gary Zukav, 
  17. Scale, the universal laws of life, growth and death in Organizations”, by Geoffrey West 

Presented books in 2018

1. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Live them and reach your potential, by John Maxwell;

2. The Procrastination Equation, how to stop putting things off and start getting stuff done, by Piers Steel;

3. How successful people think, Change your thinking, change your life, by John Maxwell;

4. 100 ways to motivate yourself, And Change your life forever, by Steve Chandler;

5. The Coaching Habit, Say less and Ask more and Change the way you lead forever, by Michael Bungay Stanier;

6. Mastery, by Robert Greene;

7. The Tools, by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels;

8. So good they can’t ignore you, by Cal Newport;

9. “The seven habits of Highly Effective people, powerful lessons in personal change, by Steven Covey;

10. “No Sweat, How the simple science of motivation can bring you a Lifetime of Fitness, by Michelle Segar;

11. “Tijd voor nieuwe zaken, op weg naar je hogere doel, een nieuw businessmodel en een verbonden organisatie”, by Judith Manshanden;

12. “Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us”, by Daniel Pink;

13. Synchronicity, the inner path of Leadership, by Joseph Jaworski;

14. Source, the inner path of Knowledge creation. By Joseph Jaworski;

15. Homo Sapines, a brief history of mankin, by Yuval Noah Harare;

16. Homo Deus, a brief history of tomorrow, by Yuval Noah Harare;

17. Breaking the habit of being yourself, by Joe Dispenza;

18. Enlightenment now, the case for reason, science, humanism and progress, by Steven Pinker;’

19. Breaking Rank, how to lead change when yesterday’s stories limit today’s choices, by the author Steven Coutinho;

20. “Why Nations fail, the origins of power, prosperity and poverty”, by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson;

21. “The power of eight, Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a small group to heal others, your life and the world”, by Lynn McTaggart;

22. “Thinking fast and slow”, by Daniel Kahneman;

23. “Flourish, a visionary understanding of Happiness and Well-being”, by Martin Seligman;

24. "21 lessons for the 21st century”, by Yuval Noah Harare;

25. "Innercise, the new science to block your brains’s hidden power”, by John Assaraf.

Presented books in 2017

1 Change or Die, Alain Deutschman

2 Life Unlocked, Srinivasan Pillay

3 The compound effect, Darren Hardy

4 Motivational Manifesto, Brendon Burchard

5 Intentional Living, John Maxwell

6 The power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

7 The Grit, Angela Duckworth

8 The Success Principles, Jack Canfield

9 The Influencer, Joseph Grenny et-al

10 Crucial Conversations, Joseph Grenny et-al

11 Crucial Accountability, Joseph Grenny et-al

12 Change Anything, Joseph Grenny et-al