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Change Your Mindset

As part of the Share2Uplift movement our goal as Uplifting BV is, to enable mindset changes on Curaçao. One of the ways to achieve this is via the Master Your Mind (MYM) - platform sessions at “Biblioteka Nashonal” every third Thursday of the month. During these sessions we present two self help books or personal leadership books at the forefront in these areas. The books we present are mostly bestsellers, some appearing on the 100 best books on personal development and by presenting these books we try to trigger attendees to read these book or go through some of the ample resources we share with attendees after every session for free. Reading is one of the most effective ways to retain new knowledge. By consistently reading books, mindsets change.

If you are someone that constantly works on your personal development attending the MYM-platform session is definitely something for you. Come attend the sessions and meet like-minded people whom just like you are working to become the best versions of themselves.

Place: Biblioteka Nashonal | Time: 7 – 8.30 pm sharp | Entrance: Free | Every third Thursday of the month.